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Persoun, Persounen (f)
person, people
Frënd, Frënn (m)
friend, friends
Numm, Nimm (m)
name, names
Virnumm, Virnimm (m)
first name, first names
Bëbee, Bëbeeën (m)
baby, babies
Mënsch, Mënschen (m)
person, people
Här, Hären (m)
gentleman, gentlemen
Damm, Dammen (f)
lady, ladies
Bierger, Bierger (m)
citizen, citizens
Auditoire, Auditoiren (m)
audience, audiences
Grupp, Gruppen (m, f)
group, groups
Gaascht, Gäscht (m)
guest, guests
Vegetarier, Vegetarier (m)
vegetarian, vegetarians
Géigner, Géigner (m)
opponent, opponents
Geschlecht, Geschlechter (n)
gender, genders
Member, Memberen (m)
member, members
Ufänger, Ufänger (m)
beginner, beginners
Visiteur, Visiteuren (m)
visitor, visitors
Fan, Fannen (m)
fan, fans
Feind, Feinden (m)
enemy, enemies
Noper, Noperen (m)
neighbor, neighbors
Heeschen, Geheescht
to be called