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Gebai, Gebaier (n)
building, buildings
Haus, Haiser/Haus (n)
house, houses
Maart, Mäert (m)
market, markets
Schoul, Schoulen (f)
school, schools
Gaart, Gäert (m)
garden, gardens
Eck, Ecken/Ecker (m)
corner, corners
Restaurant, Restauranten (m)
restaurant, restaurants
Bibliothéik, Bibliothéiken (f)
library, libraries
Gare, Garen (f)
train station, train stations
Buerg, Buergen (f)
castle, castles
Bank, Banken (f)
bank, banks
Bauen, Gebaut
to build
Land, Länner (n)
country, countries
Stad, Stied (f)
city, cities
Duerf, Dierfer (n)
village, villages
Bréck, Brécken (f)
bridge, bridges
Park, Parken (m)
park, parks
Zëmmer, Zëmmeren/Zëmmer (n)
room, rooms