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Piano, Pianoen (m)
piano, pianos
Komponist, Komponisten (m)
composer, composers
Flütte, Flütten (f)
flute, flutes
Melodie, Melodien (f)
melody, melodies
Gei, Geien (f)
violin, violins
Tromm, Trommen (f)
drum, drums
Dirigent, Dirigenten (m)
conductor, conductors
Orchester, Orchester/Orchesteren (m)
orchestra, orchestras
Kléngen, Geklongen
to sound
Sänger, Sänger (m)
singer, singers
Oper, Operen (f)
opera, operas
Trompett, Trompetten (f)
trumpet, trumpets
Bass, Bäss (m)
bass, basses
Klarinett, Klarinetten (f)
clarinet, clarinets