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Uerteel, Uerteeler (n)
judgement, judgements
Fräiheet, Fräiheeten (f)
freedom, freedoms
Strategie, Strategien (f)
strategy, strategies
Veranstaltung, Veranstaltungen (f)
event, events
Ëmfro, Ëmfroen (f)
survey, surveys
Amt, Ämter (n)
office, offices
Räich, Räicher (n)
empire, empires
Police (f)
Steier, Steieren (f)
tax, taxes
Ekonomie, Ekonomien (f)
economy, economies
Accord, Accorden (m)
agreement, agreements
Conseil, Conseilen (m)
council, councils
Verband, Verbänn (m)
association, associations