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Politics I

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President, Presidenten (m)
president, presidents
Partei, Parteien (f)
party, parties
Fridden (m)
Politik (f)
Muecht, Muechten (f)
power, powers
Stëmm, Stëmmen (f)
voice, voices
Walstëmm, Walstëmmen (f)
vote, votes
Erfolleg, Erfolleger (m)
success, success
Politiker, Politiker (m)
politician, politicians
Vollek (n)
Kinnek, Kinneken (m)
king, kings
Kinnigin, Kinniginnen (f)
queen, queens
Autoritéit, Autoritéiten (f)
authority, authorities
Gesetz, Gesetzer (n)
law, laws
Administratioun, Administratiounen (f)
administration, administrations
Staat, Staaten (m)
state, states
Gouvernement, Gouvernementen (m)
government, governments
Regierung, Regierungen (f)
government, governments
Krich, Kricher (m)
war, wars
Bekrichen, Bekricht
to make war on
Kampf, Kämpf (m)
struggle, struggles
Geneemegung, Geneemegungen (f)
approval, approvals
Virschrëft, Virschrëften (f)
regulation, regulations
Prënz, Prënzen (m)
prince, princes
Regel, Regelen (f)
rule, rules
Stadhaus, Stadhaiser (n)
town hall, town halls
Afloss, Aflëss (m)
influence, influences
Kontroll (f)
Kontrolléieren, Kontrolléiert
to control
Prozess, Prozesser (m)
process, processes
Entscheedung, Entscheedungen (f)
decision, decisions
Bedéngung, Bedéngungen (f)
condition, conditions
Kandidat, Kandidaten (m)
candidate, candidates