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Abstract Objects II

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Planifikatioun (f)
Erfarung, Erfarungen (f)
experience, experiences
Fassung, Fassungen (f)
version, versions
Verbesserung, Verbesserungen (f)
improvement, improvements
Basis (f)
Ënnerscheed, Ënnerscheeder (m)
difference, differences
Kategorie, Kategorien (f)
category, categories
Kraaft, Kräften (f)
strength, strengths
Ënnerstëtzung (f)
Lëscht, Lëschten (f)
list, lists
Chiffer, Chifferen (m)
amount, amounts
Charakteristik, Charakteristiken (f)
characteristic, characteristics
Längt, Längten (f)
length, lengths
Zougang (m)
Positioun, Positiounen (f)
position, positions
Virschlag, Virschléi (m)
suggestion, suggestions
Héicht, Héichten (f)
height, heights
Element, Elementer (n)
element, elements
Kolonn, Kolonnen (f)
column, columns
Roll, Rollen (f)
role, roles
Aféierung, Aféierungen (f)
introduction, introductions
Verwendung, Verwendungen (f)
usage, usages
Hannergrond, Hannergrënn (m)
background, backgrounds
Feld, Felder (n)
field, fields
Referenz, Referenzen (f)
reference, references
Etapp, Etappen (f)
step, steps
Gewiicht, Gewiichter (n)
weight, weights
Party, Partyen (f)
party, parties
Wierkung, Wierkungen (f)
effect, effects
Iwwerbléck (m)
Bléck, Blécker (m)
look, looks
Kombinatioun, Kombinatiounen (f)
combination, combinations
Zoustand, Zoustänn (m)
state, states
Krees, Kreesser (m)
circle, circles
Ëmsetzung (f)