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Tatta, Tattaen (f)
aunt, aunts
Monni, Monnien (m)
uncle, uncles
Niess, Niessen (f)
niece, nieces
Neveu, Neveuen (m)
nephew, nephews
Cousin*, Cousinen (m)
cousin, cousins
Cousine, Cousineën (f)
cousin, cousins
Urgoussmamm, Urgrousmammen (f)
great-grandmother, great-grandmothers
Urgrousspapp, Urgrousspappen/Urgrousspäpp
great-grandfather, great-grandfathers
Zwilling, Zwillingen (m)
twin, twins
Partnerschaft, Partnerschaften (f)
partnership, partnerships
Hochzäit, Hochzäiten (f)
wedding, weddings