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Household II

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Heizung, Heizungen (f)
heating, heatings
Botzerei, Botzereien (f)
Stot, Stéit (m)
household, households
Schlof (m)
Apparat, Apparaten/Apparater (m)
device, devices
Ëmzuch, Ëmzich (m)
move, moves
Raum, Raim (m)
room, rooms
Leeder, Leederen (f)
ladder, ladders
Toilette, Toiletten (f)
toilet, toilets
Paart, Paarten (f)
gate, gates
Frigidaire, Frigidairen (m)
refridgerator, refridgerators
Rucksak, Rucksäck (m)
backpack, backpacks
Gillette, Gilletten (f)
razor, razors
Bad, Bieder (m, n)
bath, baths
Duch, Dicher (n)
towel, towels
Handduch, Handdicher (n)
hand towel, hand towels
Buedzëmmer, Buedzëmmeren/Buedzëmmer
bathroom, bathrooms