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ana badawwar 3ala 7all
I am looking for/searching for solution
7ada sa2al 3anni
Did anyone ask about me?
Daym2an besa2alni nafs as-so2al
He always asks me the same question
Howa katab la-ommo
He wrote to his mother
4.Ana istannetak wa enta ma jeetI waited for u but u didnt' come
5&6(can have the same meaning ).Batamanna-lak at-tawfe2I wish you success
7.Fakkart ma beddakI thought you didnt want
Fakkarna fekeWe thought about you
8.7lemet feekI dreamed about you
9.lesh 3emel heek,ya taraa I wonder why he did that
bdawwar 3a
I look for
I ask of
bs2al eno or 3am etlob
I write to
bektob le
3am e7ki 3a
I talk about
I wait for
3am entor/entzer le
betmana eno
I wish to
I hope to
bet2amal eno
I think about
3am faker bel
I dream about
b7lam b
I wonder about
et3ajab mn/bt3ajab b
That=depends if you mean pronoun or conjunction(as a pronoun "haydak"(male).haydek as conjunction7atta
Like This=heek
I need=me7taag
Distraction=tashattot" x"tashattot al-afkaar=lack of concentration,
I forget=bansaa
you are the best (m and f)=enta(m)/ente a7saan
sleep-I know bnam or nam, noom, but I heard another word for sleep I think it was ghafy or ghafa
to fall asleep
kunt na3saan wa ghefet=I was drowsy & fell asleep
lazem t3amel hek
=You have to do like this
mesh heek?
ISn't that so?