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I want
Baddak (ik)
You want
He wants
She wants-
They want-
We want-
You (pl) want-
I havent seen you in a long time - Ilo zaman il amar ma baan
(lit the moon hasnt be sighted for a long time)
Whats wrong? - Sho bak? / Sho baki? (m/f)
- Sho malak? / Sho malek? (m/f)
Is everything alright? - Inshallah kol shi mni7/tamam?
Where have you gone? - Wain ro7it / Wain ro7ti? (m/f)
I'm good thanks to God- mni7a alhamdulah
Not too bad, still alive - mashi il7al, 3aysheen
How is the family? - Keef il ahl?
wil awlad?
And the kids? -
How is the work going? - Keef ilshoghol mashi?
When will I see you? - Amteen ra7 shoufak / shoufek? (m/f)
Can I see you? - Fiyi shoufak/shoufek? (m/f)
Please - law sama7t / law sama7ti (m/f)
- iza bitreed / iza bitreedi (m/f)
Thank you / You're welcome - shokran, yislamo / 3afwan
I'm sorry - Asfe
Excuse me I'm sorry type would be 3afwan , 3an iznak / iznek (m/f)
Go to sleep – Ro7 naam / Ro7i nami (m/f)
Forgive me – Sami7ni / Sam7ini (m/f)
I beg your pardon – 3afwan
Can we talk? – Fina ni7ki?
Doghri / Fawran
Now – Hala2
Not now – Mish hala2
Later –
Today –
Ba3d bokra
After tomorrow –
Sobi7 / 3a bokra
Morning –
Evening – Masa / 3ashiye
Night – Layl
Midnight – Nos il layl
Date - Tarikh
Present – 7ader
Past – Madi
Watch / Clock – Sa3a
Monday –
Tuesday – talata (3)
Wednesday – arbi3a (4)
Thursday – khamis
Friday – jom3a
Sunday – a7d (1)
Week – osbo3
Month – shahar
Year – Sene
Last week – Ilisbo3 ilmadi
Next week – Ilisbo3 iljay
A week before – Ilisbo3 il ablo
A week after – Ilisbo3 il ba3do
Spring – Rabi3
Summer – Sayf
Autumn – 5areef
Winter – Shita
Season – Mawsim
There is wind – Fi hawa
Weather – Iljaw / ilta2is
Iljaw 7ilo bara
It’s nice outside
It’s raining – 3am itshati
It’s snowing – 3am titloj
It’s so hot outside – Ikteer shoub bara
It’s cold – Bared
It’s good – Mni7
It’s bad – Sayi2
Number – Ra2m
East –
West – Ghareb
North – Shamal
South – Janoob
Right – Yameen
Far – B3eed
Close – Areeb
Inside – Jowa
Outside – Bara
In front of... – 2odam
Here – Hon
There – Honeek
Are you there? – Inta honak / Inti honeek (m/f)
Kol makan
Up – Fo2
Down – Ta7it
How did you meet? – Keef it2abilto?
What did you talk about? – 3an sho 7kiyto?
3an sho?
About what? –
What do you think about him/her? – Sho ra2yak/ra2yek fe/feha? (m/f)
Kteer mahdoom/mahdoome
Very cute
Do you have a crush on him/her? – Mo3jabe fe/feha?
We reconciled (again) – (3odna/irji3na) itsala7na
I’ve missed you – Ishti2tilak / ishti2tilek (m/f)
I went yesterday to the University – Ro7it imbare7 3al jam3a
What did you learn at class? – Sho t3alamti bil saf?
How did class go? – Keef kan ildaris?
I learned about how to use Photoshop – It3alamet keef asta5dim il photoshop
I have to write my project – Lazim aktob ilba7th taba3i
(note, ba7ith is normally pronounced as ba7is, soft s sound)
I have to start writing my project – Lazim balash ilba7ith
I have to finish my project – Lazem khales ilba7ith
What’s your project about? – 3an sho ba7thak/ba7thek?
Do you like this subject? – Bit7ib/bit7ibi hay il mada (m/f)
When do you finish University? – Amteen bit5alsi jam3a?
Kam sana dayil?
How many years left?
I finish it in the month of June – B5alis bshaher site (month 6)
Cant wait – ma adre astana / mafiye astana
I’m so happy today – Ikteer mabsota ilyoum
I’m sad today – Za3lane ilyoum
I’m in a bad mood – Mazaji mo rayi2 / Tali3 5il2i
I cant stand anyone – Mish tay2/tay2a 7ada (m/f)
Min ijdeed
Lately –
Here you go – Tfadali
Come on – yallah
Take care – Intibih 3a 7alak / Intibhi 3a 7alek (m/f)
Goodbye – ma3 ilsalame, bye, b5atrek
Give my regards to everyone – Salmili 3al kol
Give her/him my best regards – Salmili 3ale / 3aleha
Sweetheart – 7abib albi / 7abibet albi (m/f)
My life – hayati
My pretty - 7ilwati (f)
My soul – ro7i
My years – 3omri
My eyes – 3ayni
My love – 7abibi/7abibti
Bless you – t2oborni/t2obrini (lit may you kill me) (m/f)
Oh please (sarcasm) – da5elak / da5elek (m/f)
Da5el il7ilo is also used as bless the pretty one, how cute
I swear to God! – Wallah!
Impossible, I can’t believe it! – Mo ma32ool, mani msadi2 / msad2a
Right? – Sa7?
What do you say/think? – Sho ra2yak?
Do you think it’s pretty – Awlak 7ilo / 7ilwe?
What are you doing? – Sho bitsawi?
I’m listening to songs/music – 3am batsama3 3a aghani
I’m bored
I’m with my friends – ma3 rif2ati
Nothing – Wala shi
3am badros
I’m studying –
Do you want anything? – Badak shi / Bidek shi? (m/f)
Or for a literal translation - Sarli zaman ma sheftak/sheftek
Or Kheir, shu fi/sar?
How is the family? - Keef il ahl? ahlak/ahlek
When will I see you? - Amteen/aymta ra7 shoufak / shoufek? (m/f)
Can I see you? - Fiyi/fini shoufak/shoufek?
Merci is actually more commonly used than Shukran, you're welcome - tekram, tekrameh
Excuse me - ma twakhezni
Or fout nam, fouti nami
The French "Pardon" is just used.. I hardly hear 3afwan anymore
Or Bser3a
Mo halla2
Afternoon - Ba3d eldohor
Or Jem3et elmadeyi
eljem3a eljaye
eljeme3tayn yalli fatou
eljem3atayn yalli ba3do
Right – Sa7
For the direction right it's - Yameen
Left – 3’alat
Left is Shmal, ghalat means wrong
Wselet? Wselti?
B kel el matare7
Keef t3araftou,elta2ayto
June - 7zayran or Younyo
Ma fini esbor/entezer
Deer balak 3a 7alak, deeri balek 3a 7alek
My eyes – 3ayni (eye), 3youni
Bless you – t2oborni/t2obrini (lit may you bury me) (m/f)
or W7yet Allah
Or Mosta7il, ma fini/3am sade2
or Ma/mo heik?
Shu 3am te3mol
3am esma3 aghani
or Mallayt
or Ma shi