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look after
to take care of
look ahead
to think about and plan for what might happen in the future
look around
to try to find something
look around
to look at what is in a place such as a building, shop, town etc, especially when you are walking
look at
to consider
look at
to confront, to face
look at
to read something quickly in order to form an opinion of it
look at
to examine something and try to find out what is wrong with it
look at
to study and think about something, especially in order to decide what to do
look back
to think about something that happened in the past
look down on
to think that you are better than someone else
look for
search for
look for
to await with hope or anticipation
look forward to
to anticipate with pleasure or satisfaction
When we put a verb after a preposition, we normally use an -ing form ('gerund'), not an infinitive. - Michael Swan 298/1
look in
to make a short visit to someone, while you are going somewhere else, especially if they are ill or need help [= drop in, call in]
look into
to investigate, study, or analyze : explore
look on
to observe as a spectator
look on/upon
to consider someone or something in a particular way, or as a particular thing
look out
to search for and find a particular thing among your possessions
look out for
to pay attention to what is happening around you, so that you will notice a particular person or thing if you see them
look out for
to try to make sure that someone is treated well
look out for yourself/number one
To act in one's own interests; to act in a manner advantageous primarily to oneself
look over
to examine something quickly, without paying much attention to detail
look through
to look for something among a pile of papers, in a drawer, in someone's pockets etc [= go through]
look through
to not notice or pretend not to notice someone you know, even though you see them
look to
to depend on someone to provide help, advice etc
look to
to pay attention to something, especially in order to improve it
look up
to be improved, to get better
look up
to search for in or as if in a reference work
look up
to seek out especially for a brief visit
look up to
to admire or respect someone
look up
to cheer up