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the most unpleasant or difficult
a season
one of the four periods of the year; winter, spring, summer, or fall
to end
to finish or stop, or to make something finish or stop
a race
a competition in which people run, ride, drive, etc against each other in order to see who is the fastest
would rather
instead of
agree with
to have the same opinion as someone
used to ask at what time something happened or will happen
whole or complete
a price
an amount of money that you pay to buy something
a subject
what someone is writing or talking about
to tell somebody that a person or thing is good or useful
an ad
an advertisement; a picture, short film, song, etc that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service
a total
including everything
a cruise
a vacation on a ship, sailing from place to place
Person 1 killed Person 2
someone made someone else die
knowing that something is true or right
one letter is missing
one letter is not included in something
most important or largest
to move or climb quickly but with difficulty, often using your hands
extremely funny
too cold
more than very cold; so cold that it is a problem
children or young people
to order
to ask for food, drinks, etc. at a restaurant
a point
the thin, sharp end of something
how many
used in questions to ask about the number of something
a set of letters used for writing a language (A-Z in English)
to hire
to pay somebody to do a job for you
I guess
used when you think that something is probably true or likely
be out of money
to not have any money
to discover
to find something
to rent
to pay money to live in a building that someone else owns
I promise
to say that you will certainly do something
a mystery
something strange or unknown that cannot be explained or understood
the facts about why something happens or why someone does something
someone who wins a game, competition, or election
on Monday
on the day of the week after Sunday and before Tuesday
wash the dishes
using water and soap to clean dirty plates, bowls, and other objects for cooking or eating food
a cheese pizza
a food made from a flat, round piece of bread covered with cheese and cooked in an oven
How long does your class last?
How long is your class? How many hours are you in class each day?
dark green
the color of grass, but a little darker
my own car
a car that belongs to me
second, third, fourth
counting things
on Green Street
prepositional phrase to tell the street where something is located
How much did it cost?
What was the price?
I don't know exactly.
I'm not sure.
for five days
a length of time lasting five days
in Room 126
a prepositional phrase to tell what room something is located in
an alarm clock
a clock that makes a noise to wake you
The movie ended at nine.
The movie was over at nine o'clock.
Thank you so much for your help.
used to thank someone for making it easier for you to do something
Here you go.
used to say this is the object you asked me to give you
your last name
the name that you and other members of your family all have
a piece of meat
a part of a muscle or other soft part of an animal, used as food
a list of names
a series of names that are written one below the other
get married
to begin a legal relationship with someone as their husband or wife
Who should I ask for?
What person do I need to see or talk to?
to rain hard
to rain a lot
my closest friend
the person you see or talk to a lot
to stay in one place
to continue to be in a place and not leave
go to the beach
go to an area of sand or rocks next to the sea
extra large
very big
to shop at a store
to go to a place to buy things
according to
as said by someone or shown by something
What are your plans?
What have you decided to do?
in the top drawer
inside the drawer that is closest to the ceiling
take a new job
get and accept a new job
at age six
when someone was years old
the main character
the most important person in a book, film, etc
go shopping
go to a store and buy things
spell a word correctly
to write down or tell someone the right letters that are used to make a word
He scored 95 on the exam.
He got 95% on the test. He got an A on the test.
a cotton t-shirt
a short-sleeved shirt with no collar, made out of cotton
Who is it?
used to ask what person is there
Mario gave Zeke a concert ticket.
S-V-IO-DO Mario gave Zeke a a small piece of paper that shows he paid to attend a performance of music and singing.
Mario gave a concert ticket to Zeke.
S-V-DO Mario gave Zeke a a small piece of paper that shows he paid to attend a performance of music and singing.
Which one do you want?
used to ask or talk about a choice between two or more things
Do you want the green one?
Would you like the green thing?
I passed the test because I studied hard.
I studied a lot, so I succeeded at the test.
That sounds wonderful.
It seems great.