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to happen
to discover something or someone that you have been searching for
to cut hair off your face or body
it belongs to me
it is mine; I own it
able to learn and understand things quickly and easily
to not pass a test or an exam
to make something less
to leave a place, especially to start a journey to another place
to get to a place
log in
to connect a computer to a system of computers by typing your name and often a password, usually so that you can start working
get to a place
to arrive somewhere
bread that has been heated to make it brown
a small, round, green seed that people eat as a vegetable
to put something with something else
a product that you sell in another country
an ocean
a sea
to cut something into small pieces
to find the answer to something
the condition that something or someone is in
air suddenly comes out through your nose and mouth
soft white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky when the weather is cold
the time when the sun appears in the morning and the sky becomes light
to design or create something that has never existed before
paid money for something
to say something very loudly
to start a company or organization that will continue for a long time
a weekday
one of the five days from Monday to Friday, when people usually go to work or school
attend a meeting
go to an event where people come together for a reason, usually to discuss something
an alarm clock
a clock that makes a noise to wake you
have a great time
enjoy oneself
all of the time
very often
a wool sweater
a warm piece of clothing that covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head and is made out of thick thread or material that is made from the hair of a sheep
turn off the lamp
to move the switch on a light so that it stops working, or to stop the supply of electricity
pour coffee
to make a coffee flow from or into a container
check into the hotel
to say who you are when you arrive at a hotel so that you can be given a key for your room
erase a mistake
use a small object to completely remove words, letters, or other pencil markings that are not correct
according to
as said by someone or shown by something
brush your hair
use an object made of short, thin pieces of plastic, wire, etc fixed to a handle to tidy hair
stay at a hotel
to spend a short period of time at a hotel
a driver's license
an official document that allows you to drive a car
a lid on a pot
the top part of a container that can be removed in order to put something in or take something out of a round container used for cooking
feed a cat
to give food to a cat
in other words
used to explain what something means in a different way
the parents of your grandparents
check my mail
look at your email messages or look for letters in your mailbox
tiny pieces
very small parts of something
a battery for a car
an object that provides electricity for a car
a long-sleeved shirt
a shirt with sleeves that end at the wrist
They robbed a bank.
They stole money from a bank.
They stole $500.
They to secretly took five hundred dollars that does not belong to them, without intending to return it
The game was on TV last night.
A sporting event was on the television yesterday evening.
Maria's family
the group of people related to Maria
Fred's visit
the time Fred spent with someone
I called you two hours ago.
I called you two hours earlier.
I will call you in two hours.
I am going to call you two hours from now.