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a niece
the daughter of your brother or sister
to make or think of something for the first time
I guess
I think so.
(used about the weather or climate) warm and wet
the capital
the most important city in a country, where the government is
the number of people who live in a place
not long after now, or not long after a certain time
a pet
an animal that you keep in your home
the least well; the least pleasant
a subject
the person or thing you are talking or writing about
the name of something (a book, a movie, etc.)
a president
the leader of a country that does not have a king or queen
a vegetable with green or purple flowers that you eat
a shiny grey metal that is valuable
full of people
a meal
food that you eat at a certain time of the day
I miss you
I feel sad about not seeing you
a nation
a country and all the people who live in it
be on sale
have a lower price for a short time
a grade
a number or letter that a teacher gives for your work to show how good it is
a score
the number of points, goals, etc. that you win in a game or competition
the aisle
a way between lines of seats in a church, plane, etc.
a game in which you roll a heavy ball down a special track towards a group of wooden objects shaped like bottles and try to knock them all down
a politician
a person who works in politics
to kill somebody deliberately
a product
something that people make or grow to sell
to like something very much
easy to see, hear, or understand
a character
a person in a book, play, or film
a champion
a person who is the best at a sport or game
your uncle
your parent's brother
a picnic
a meal that you eat outside, away from home
to make something happen or exist
to not remember something
I'm not sure
I don't know.
with no water or liquid on it or in it
covered in water or another liquid
a time when there is no war or fighting between people or countries
a fact
something that you know has happened or is true
costing little money
It's been a long time
many years have passed
really old
very old
six years ago
six years earlier
from 7 AM until noon
beginning at seven o'clock in the morning and continuing until twelve o'clock in the afternoon
my great-grandmother
my grandparent's mother
in my opinion
what I think
on your last trip
during your last journey
a good sign
something that shows that something positive is happening
doesn't exist any longer
is not present or alive anymore
a quiet baby
a baby who is not making noise
we had a good time
we had fun
on the football team
to be part of the team; to be a member of the team
to be at work
be at the place where you do your job
a very important person
a person who has great influence or authority
during the war
at the time the war was happening
was born
when a person or animal is born, they come out of their mother's body and start to exist
ninth grade
the first grade in high school
pretty good
good, but not great
in 2009
during the year 2009
too small
not big enough
more than $1,000
over one thousand dollars
were there for two hours
stayed somewhere for 2 hours
happy about something
something made you happy
in fact,
used to give extra details about something that has just been mentioned
a statement that says what you think will happen
having lived for a long time
a group of people who play a sport or game together against another group
a dish of cold vegetables that have not been cooked
to finish doing or making something
to put different things together to make something new
feeling that you would like to sleep or rest; needing rest
Remember to call Mom.
Make sure you call Mom. Don't forget to call Mom.
Please write me back soon.
Don't wait long to write to me.
so cold
very cold
I think so.