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a bad idea
an idea that is not good
a beautiful dress
a pretty piece of women's clothing that is made in one piece and covers the body down to the legs, sometimes reaching to below the knees, or to the ankles
a big problem
a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand
a boring book
a book that is not interesting or exciting
a boring movie
a movie that is not interesting or exciting
a busy day
a day that is not relaxing because there are many things to do
a cheap ticket
a ticket that does not cost a lot of money
a clean room
a room that is not dirty
a cold room
a room that is not warm
a combination of words
two or more words used together
a dangerous situation
things happening at a certain place or time that could cause harm or injury
a dark color
a color with little light (like black)
a dark room
a room that does not have much light
a deck of cards
a set of 52 cards with numbers and pictures on one side, that are used to play games
a different answer
an answer that is not the same
a different way
not the same way
a difficult question
a question that is not easy
a dirty kitchen
a kitchen that is not clean
a dull knife
a knife that is not sharp and is hard to cut with
a fancy restaurant
a place to eat that is expensive
a fat cat
a cat that weighs a lot and is not skinny
a fat person
a person who weighs a lot
a friendly person
a person who is not shy
a full schedule
you have a lot to do
a funny story
a story that makes you laugh or smile
a good movie
a movie that is done well
a great idea
a very good thought, plan, or suggestion
a happy face
a hard bed
a bed that is not soft
a hard-working person
a person who works a lot
a healthy life
not being sick
a high shelf
a shelf that is close to the ceiling
a hot day
a day that is very warm
a huge house
a house that is very big
a huge problem
a thing that is very difficult to deal with or to understand
a hungry baby
a baby who needs or wants something to eat
a joke
something you say or do to make people laugh
a large drink
a drink that is big
a late meeting
a meeting that starts near the end of the day
a light color
a color that is not dark
a little girl
a young girl
a long movie
a movie that is not short; a movie that takes a long time to watch
a long trip
a journey to a place and back again that takes a long time
a low place
a place that is close to the ground
a new car
a car that is not old
a piece of art
one painting, drawing, or sculpture
a pillow
a soft thing that you put your head on when you are in bed
a poor man
a man who does not have much money
a pretty picture
a picture that looks nice
a private school
a school that receives no money from the government and where the education of the students is paid for by their parents
a public school
a free local school paid for by the government
a rich woman
a woman who has a lot of money
a roof
on top of a house
a sad person
a person who is not happy
a safe place
a place with no danger
a serious movie
a movie that is not funny
a shallow river
a river that is not deep
a sharp knife
a knife that is easy to cut with
a shiny ring
a piece of jewelry that you wear on your finger that is bright in the sun or light
a short man
a man who is not tall
a short meeting
a meeting that does not take a long time
a sick person
a person who is ill and needs a doctor
a skinny person
a person who is thin and does not weigh much
a small t-shirt
a casual shirt with short sleeves that is not large
a soft pillow
a pillow that is not hard
a striped blouse
a woman's shirt with lines of color
a striped shirt
a shirt with long thin lines of color
a strong animal
an animal that is not weak
a subject
a thing or person that you are talking or writing about
a summer afternoon
the part of the day from 12 p.m. until about 6 p.m. in the summer
a sweet cookie
a small thin hard cake that tastes like it has a lot of sugar
a tall woman
a woman who is not short
a thin slice
a piece of something that is not wide
a thirsty boy
a boy who needs or wants something to drink
a tiny insect
a bug that is very small
a tired worker
a person who is doing a job and who needs to rest
a weak person
a person who is not strong
a wool sweater
a sweater made from the soft, fine hair that covers the body of sheep, goats, and some other animals
a young person
a person who is not old
surprising and hard to believe
an early class
a class that begins in the morning
an easy test
a test that is not difficult
an empty glass
a glass that has nothing in it
an exam
a test
an expensive car
a car that costs a lot of money
an important job
a job that must be done
an insect
a very small animal that has six legs
an interesting story
a story that is not boring
an occupation
a job
an old building
a building that is not new
an old woman
a woman who is not young
an outgoing person
a friendly person who likes meeting and talking to people
an ugly snake
a snake that does not look good or nice
a little angry
antique furniture
chairs, couches, tables, etc. that are very old and worth money
in a kitchen
at the end of a day
the last part of the day
with no hair or not much hair
to compare the size of two people or things; to say one person or thing is larger than another
bigger than
to say one person or thing is a larger size than another person or thing
very hot
having a lot to do
thinking about what you are doing so you do not make a mistake or have an accident
not formal; relaxed
in the middle part of something
money made of metal that is small and round
wanting to know about something
with a lot of curls
not safe
tastes very good
not clean
no longer married
to give something (money, clothes, etc.) to people who need it
a time before another time
with no people or things inside
really good
very dirty
last; at the end
a thing that explodes and produces bright colored lights and loud noises, used especially at celebrations like the 4th of July
a piece of cloth with a pattern on it that is on a stick; every country has one of its own
very cold
fresh bread
bread that was made not long ago
cooked in hot fat or oil
very big; huge
good at something
able to do a thing well
wanting more money than you need
can hurt or damage people or things
have a free moment
have time to do something you want
have a good time
enjoy yourself; have fun
not light; weighs a lot
how tall a person or thing is
very funny
I'd like to be there now
I want to be there
in addition,
also; use to talk about another person or thing after something else
between different countries
is wearing a shirt
to have a shirt on
your skin feeling like you want to rub or scratch it
feeling angry or unhappy because you wish you had something that someone else has
having a lot of juice and good to eat
seeming natural or sensible
always having good things happen to you for no reason
most important
the time after the beginning and before the end
not strong
modern furniture
chairs, couches, tables, etc. that are a new style
every month
my favorite food
the food that you like the best
my favorite holiday
the holiday you like the most
my other sister
a different sister than the one you are talking about
difficult to understand or explain; strange
connected with all of a country
worried about something or afraid of something
having or covered in oil
friendly and likes meeting and talking to people
over there
used to talk about a place that is not right where you are
ready; able to deal with something
happening before the event or thing you are talking about
no sound
helping you rest
not polite
having a lot of salt
more than 2 but not a lot
not deep; with not much water
a long flat piece of wood on a wall or in a cupboard where things can stand
short sleeves
a part of a piece of clothing that covers the top part of your arm from your shoulder to just above your elbow
very thin
with a sharp taste like a lemon
having a strong taste
smells bad; smelly
straight hair
hair that does not have a curve or bend
pleased about something good that has happened, or something bad that has not happened
the bottom shelf
the lowest shelf; it is closest to the ground
the current president
a person who is president now
the current weather
the weather right now
the future president
a person who is going to be president (but is not president yet)
the previous president
a person who was president in the past (but is not president now)
the same answer
an answer that is not different from another one
the top shelf
the highest shelf; it is closest to the ceiling
needing or wanting to drink
very small
to point
to show where something is using your finger or a stick or something
one of two children born at the same time to the same mother
two stories
two floors
can help you do or get what you want
that happens most often
wavy hair
hair that has curves and is not straight
not strong
a very big animal that lives in the sea and looks like a very big fish
with a lot of wind
your own room
a room that is yours alone (you don't share the room)