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a beach
a piece of land next to the sea that is covered with sand or stones
a checking account
a type of bank account that you can take money out of at any time, and that provides you with a checkbook and an ATM card
a hill
like a small mountain
a light breakfast
a small amount of food for breakfast
a meal
a mistake
an error
a phone number
the number of a particular telephone, that you use when you make a call to it
a ship
a large boat that carries people or goods by sea
a surprise
you don't expect it
a tourist
a visitor
one person; by yourself
an eggplant
a vegetable with shiny, dark purple skin and soft white flesh
approximately 100
ask a question
ask for information
a person who helps
be in good shape
an object that is not damaged; a person who is healthy and exercises a lot
black coffee
coffee without cream or sugar in it
two things (A and B)
by bus
use a bus to get somewhere
to say that you don't like something or that you are unhappy about something
consist of
to made from two or more things
do the dishes
wash the dishes
to remove something completely
every person
all of the people or things in a group
far from here
a long distance away from
for six months
lasting six months
no cost
with a lot of people or things in it so there is no more space
get angry
become mad
get off work
stop working for the day
get up
wake up
having the color of smoke or ash; black and white mixed together
I'd rather
want to do or have one thing and not something else because you like it better
in our area
near (close to) where you live or work
instead of
in the place of someone or something
let's do
let us do
listen to
to pay attention to someone or something that you can hear
make a mistake
do something that is not correct
make money
work and get paid money
on top of
on, over, or covering something or someone
you choose
play a game
to take part in a game; to compete against someone in a game
almost never
ride a bike
travel on a bicycle
going up (34,35,36,37,38)
scrambled eggs
eggs that you mix together with milk and cook in a pan together
to make a noise in your nose or throat when you are asleep
soft white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky when it is very cold
stop talking
not talk anymore
take a bus
go on a bus to get somewhere
take a test
do a test
tell a joke
say something to make people laugh, for example a funny story
too many chairs
more chairs than you want or need
too much caffeine
more caffeine than you want or need
two times
What do you do for a living?
What is your job?
work out
your job
your work