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a big mess
a big problem
a coach
the leader of a team
a couple
two people
a cover
a thing that you put over another thing (often to keep it safe)
a customer
a person who buys things from a shop
a dessert
something sweet that you eat at the end of a meal
a driver's license
an official piece of paper that shows you are allowed to drive
a leader
a person who controls a group of people
a lie
something you say that you know is not true
a location
a place
a lot of work
a large amount of work
a meal
food that you eat at a certain time of the day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
a mess
a problem or a difficult situation
a nickname
a name that your friends or family sometimes call you instead of your real name
a note
a short letter
a passenger
a person who is traveling in a car, bus, plane or train and is not driving it
a piece of paper
one sheet of paper
a porch
a ​covered ​area next to the ​entrance of a ​house, sometimes open to the air and sometimes surrounded by a screen
a potluck dinner
a dinner to which each person brings some food (which is then shared with everyone)
a problem
something that is difficult; something that makes you worry
a scarf
a piece of material that you wear around your neck or head
a skirt
a piece of clothing for a woman or girl that hangs from the waist and covers part of the legs
a three-story building
a building that has 3 floors
a turtle
an animal that lives in the sea and has a hard shell on its back
agree with someone
have the same opinion as someone
agree with
think the same
an address
the number of the building and name of the street and town where someone lives or works
attend class
go to class
be good at something
able to do something well
call me later
call someone after the present time
camera shy
not wanting to be photographed
cash a check
give the bank your check and get the money
things like pants and shirts that you wear to cover your body
something you say to someone when you are pleased about something they have done
not the same
a machine that makes things move
every other
not each one in a row but every two; 1A2B3C4D5E
have a meeting
get together with people for a special reason (usually to talk about something)
have a suggestion
tell other people your idea or plan to talk about and think about using
a card with your name and other information on it; you use it to prove who you are
a plan or new thought
in fact
actually (the truth)
in the garden
in a small piece of land (usually near a house) where vegetables or plants are grown
to bring people together for the first time and tell each of them the name of the other
just over 25
26 (a number a little bit higher than 25)
books and plays and poetry
lower right-hand corner
on the bottom and at the right side of something (like a piece of paper)
make sure
to check that something is true or has been done
a person or animal who belongs to the sex that does not have babies
to find something that is like another thing or that you can put with it
to see and speak to somebody for the first time
my free time
time when you are not at work or school
once a week
one time in every week
not inside a building
a word that you use when you are not sure about something
feeling happy about something
pretty popular
a fair amount of people like it or know about it
proud of you
feeling pleased about something you did
having a lot of money
right here
at this spot
serve sandwiches
give people sandwiches
more than 2 but not many
able to think or understand quickly
so far
until now
solve a problem
find the answer to a problem
a warm piece of clothing with long sleeves that you wear on the top part of your body
take care of
to ​protect someone or something and ​give them the things they need
ten more minutes
10 minutes longer
the truth
facts; things that are true
to joke
to tell funny stories; to say things that are funny but not true
to kid
to say something that is not true as a joke
to reply
to say or write something as an answer to somebody or something
one of two people who have the same mother and were born at the same time
What about you?
asking about you and whatever is being talked about