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Adventure Holidays
More active with more risk, off the beaten track, in more unusual destinations
Involves protecting the environment and the way of life of local people
External Factor
Something unrelated to tourism, which afftects tourist numbers, such as the economy, currency exchange rates, political unrest, wars and terrorism
Extreme Environment
Difficult places for humans to live in or visit, often due to hostile climate
Fragile Environment
Place where wildlife and landscape are easily damaged by outsiders
Mass Tourism
Large numbers of visitors, often on package holidays with accomondation and travel included
Multiplier Effect
Spin-offs from one business growing, allowing other businesses to grow as well
National Park
Area set aside to protect landscape and habitats, managed to stop visitor damage
Entrusted to look after and manage places and areas
Domestic Tourism
Travelling within your own country
International Tourism
Travelling internationally
Easier movement of people around the world
Butlers Life Cycle Model
Shows the life cycle of a holiday resort, where the resort or destination has peaked and will either go into rejuvination or decline