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Changing Urban Environments

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Brownfield Site
Area of previously built-up land that is available to be built on again
Urban zone located in the centre, mainly shops and offices
Functional Parts (of a settlement)
Purpose of that area e.g residential, industrial, port area
Growth and increasing importance of manufacturing industry (making goods)
Informal Sector
Not regular paid employment; unofficial work; often self-help small-scale services such as street sellers and shoe shiners
Inner City
Urban zone around the edges of the CBD, quite old
Where people from different ethnic, racial or religious backgrounds live together
High concentration of land uses and/or groups of people in certain areas of the city, separate from other uses/people
Squatter Settlement
Homes on land not owned by the people living there, built illegally
Sustainable City
City with low use of energy and raw materials, replacement by renewables and waste recycling
Increase in the percentage of people living in urban areas
Million City
A city with a population exceeding 1 million
Urban Morphology
The shapes and patterns of landuse in towns and cities
Urban Redevelopment
Residents moved out and buildings demolished to make way for new developments