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Population Change

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Ageing Population
Increasing percentage of old people (aged 65 and over)
Birth Rate
Number of live births per 1000 population per year
Death Rate
Number of deaths per 1000 population per year
Dependancy Ratio
Relationship between people of working and non-working ages
Movement of people into a country from another country
Life Expectancy
Average number of years that a new-born child can expect to live
Movement of people either into or out of an area
Natural Decrease
Death rate higher than birth rate, declining population
Natural Increase
Birth rate higher than death rate, growing population
Population Policy
National plan for population change (either to lower or increase birth rates)
Population Structure
The make-up (age and sex) of a population, usually shown in a population pyramid
Push and Pull Factors
Circumstances that attract or drive people to migrate
Person forced to flee from their country or place of residence
Independant Population
Population of working age people (age 15-64)
Dependant Population
Population of non-working age (0-14 and 65+)