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Level of plant and animal variety in an ecosystem
Brown Earth
Uniform brown coloured soil that forms under deciduous woodland
System in which living things and physical factors are linked
Food Chain/Web
Nutrients and energy absorbed by plants are passed along a line of living things
Deep soil, red or yellow in colour, which forms under tropical rainforests
Downward movement of minerals through soil
Nutrient Cycling
Dead remains of plants and animals are decomposed and used again
Increasing concentrations of salt in the topsoil where evapouration rates are high
Soil erosion
Loss of fertile top soil by action of wind and water
Plant that stores water in a fleshy stem to survive drought
Adaptations in plants that allow them to survive in dry climates
Diurnal Climate
Very hot during the day but very cold at night
Pioneer Species
Living things that don't need soil to survive, e.g. lichens
Ecological Sucession
Natural changes in the types of species living in an area over time
Climax Community
A stable group of plants and animals that is the end of the succession process
Total removal of trees
Selective Felling
Harvesting of selected trees or groups of trees
Strip Cutting
Clearing narrow strips of trees, often following the contours of the land