We're 10!

Wowee, how time flies! Ten years may sound like a lot, but we’re still jumping in and giving life a go in the same care-free spirit all 10 year olds have. We believe learning with that same attitude of unabashed curiosity really is the best way to learn a language, so for our tenth birthday, we want to celebrate like  we’re 10. 


10-year olds interview Memrise CEO, Ed Cooke

Hot take: only kids are good at learning languages

Wrong! You are great at it too

All you need to do is channel your inner 10-year old. Approach your language lessons as you would any game. If it’s not fun, it won’t work. Fear of making mistakes is silly - we are humans, we learn by making mistakes! Take a cue from our crew of real (tiny) locals and join our 10th birthday party 


The kids take over

Watch and learn! Immerse yourself in the world of 10-year olds and be inspired by their Learn with Locals and video Posts, available for a whole month in our French, Spanish, German, Japanese and English official courses. 


Gifts for you on our 10th birthday!


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Celebrate, play, learn!

Check out our Video Phrasebook

1000's of different videos teaching you languages. It's like a dictionary, but better.

Your doodles

We asked for your best doodles to celebrate our birthday, and you didn’t disappoint! Check out the gallery and invite your friends and family to have a look. It’s a party, the more, the merrier!


Keep on playing

Download the Memrise app to discover all our 10th Birthday videos! And after that, stick around to play, watch and learn from real native speakers. We have thousands of audio and video clips that will help you learn a new language fast while having fun.