Description ('pronunciation') field for all non-language topics

Since you have the feature of learning pronunciation/description implemented anyway, it would be a great improvement if you added this feature to every (non-language) topic.

When doublechecking example topics, i see that you already did that in the last days. Great! The new fields are not learnable yet, but i am sure you are working on it. I really like the field "description" in 'famous people', which gives the course creator the flexibility to choose an extra information which is worth learning. The alternative would be to create multiple fields with fixed intention, like "born", "died", "profession" for famous people, but this will take a lot of trial and error for each individual topic until a good solution for all kinds of courses is found.

Posted by azrael42 7/30/12 , last update 7/30/12 (3 years ago)
  • Ah, i forgot to mention, and you are probably working on an improved interface for entering words anyway. But at the moment (since non-curators cannot import lists anymore), it is annoying to add 'part' and 'description' after creating the word. Would save a lot of scrolling around, when all fields can be entered when the word is created. And would probably encourage people to enter the part of speech along with their words.

    Posted by azrael42 7/30/12 (3 years ago)