Improve Chinese by adding audio for english vocabulary

Take a moment to think about how essential the audio is for learning chinese vocabulary. The mandarin vocabulary has audio from multiple speakers which makes it even better. Now, think about how irregular spelling and pronunciation is for the english language. Imagine learning chinese characters without audio. Not a pleasant thought, is it? We can improve the power of collaboration and user sourced content by making this site more useful for people who are learning english. Those of us who are native speakers of english need to add pronunciation to english vocabulary sets. This may have the indirect effect of improving chinese by making the english vocabulary sets more useful to people who are learning english as a second language. Think about how important it is to have multiple audio samples for chinese. When I speak with people from Brazil or China, I want to recommend this site to them as a good tool for efficiently learning vocabulary. Unfortunately, the word lists that I have found for english do not have audio. So, I have downloaded some of the sets as spread sheets and I am going to record audio to send to Ben. It would be great if we could label our audio with a tag that describes our accent/region/dialect. Such as west coast american/US, southern US, australian, london. I believe that improving the english audio would improve memrise by increasing the probability of collaboration and user sourced content. I am also going to search for high frequency word lists that are not copyrighted. Most of the english vocabulary lists are better suited for advanced level or intermediate level english language students. You can also do the same thing for spanish, french, german, italian, dutch etc.

Posted by stoney 7/30/12 (3 years ago)

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