Learning several languages at the same time

Would it be possible to display the English word for something, then the equivalent in two or more languages (e.g. french/german/spanish) at the same time? I know there are some books for example, that show a picture and show the corresponding words in three languages underneath it. I think it could work exactly how it does now, with each word as a separate plant, each language stored separately with their own garden. A simple feature would be to check the lists from the other languages that you're learning and display those translations too when the word is introduced, so you can learn the word in several languages at the same time. A more complicated feature would be to test several languages at the same time, i.e. when a word appears you have to type the equivalent in french, then spanish, then german or whatever languages you choose.

Posted by trevd 6/25/12 , last update 6/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • There's a thread about more than one field to be tested http://www.memrise.com/thread/842781/ .So it is possible. The danger is that the database of language 1 or 2 could be corrupted by language 3. So this would have to be kept well away from the main topics

    Posted by tonyyyy 6/25/12 (4 years ago)