Kanjidamage bookmarklet

I have made a "bookmarklet" which changes the "Learn kanji" page so that clicking the Kanji will open the corresponding page on kanjidamage in a new window.

javascript:($("ul#events").delegate("span.word-value","click",function() {if($('div.word-row.row label:first').text()=="Japanese Kanji") {window.open("http://kanjidamage.com/kanji/search?q="+$(this).text());}}))();

Drag this link to the bookmarks bar and click it after you have started a japanese-kanji session. Now clicking the kanji on the "meaning review" page should open the kanjidamage page for it.

Posted by anka213 6/17/12 , last update 6/17/12 (4 years ago)
  • That was obviously not a link. I'm not sure how to make it into a link. Please tell me if you have tried to use it anyway and if my instructions are unclear.

    Posted by anka213 6/17/12 (4 years ago)

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