New topic specific lists?

I've created two lists so far--one for food/dining and one for animal names. Learning a bunch of animals is a kind of departure from standard language learning texts because the words aren't necessarily a part of typical conversation. However, I find them fun and interesting.

I've been thinking of some other task specific lists but I don't have a native speaker to help me with the content.


basic Chinese geography (discussed in another thread) Chinese space program (terms like 神舟九号, 刘洋, 天宫一号) *

The idea would be to log into weibo and provide vocabulary based on the UI and commonly seen terms. For example, 表情 seems to be the term for emoticons. 视频 is video and a 话题 is a topic.

If anyone is interested (or has other ideas) let me know.

Posted by carl_a 6/17/12 (4 years ago)

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