there are at least two separate listings

llysfrawd and brawd cam, they probably should be merged. Should they be on the same main line separate by a comma, or is one less common and can just go as an alternate? Are there regional differences that could be marked?

Posted by Cole. 6/8/12 , last update 6/9/12 (4 years ago)
  • This is the kind of thing which I think trying to sort everything out perfectly is a problem. How do we, learners from Australia and England, make this decision? I would guess that 'llysfrawd' is the traditional word and 'brawd cam' a more literal neologism, but as to which is more common or regional difference we've got no idea. My preference would be for llysfrawd but I suspect that brawd cam is more common these days.

    I see no problem with leaving them as they are. When someone does one course they'll learn it as one word, if they do the other course they'll learn that there's another way of saying it.

    Posted by SoapDistant 6/8/12 (4 years ago)
  • Well maybe we aren't the ones to just decide, hence why I put a topic up to discuss.

    If someone makes a course and adds both, then for a typing test they will not know which one will be accepted.

    You could put the each as alternate to the other, but then why not have them as built in alternates, on the same line for equal prominence?

    Posted by Cole. 6/9/12 (4 years ago)
  • I think that these should be kept as separate items: the general concept of the wiki is that it should contain all the Welsh words that you want to learn, each as a separate item, and then the main English translation of those. Then people can choose which one they want to put into a list (or both), and they can be learned separately. The typing tests should accept either welsh word as a correct response automatically. So if you are shown "step brother" it will automatically accept either of the welsh words that are in the wiki. It will then play the audio of the word that it was actually expecting, just to remind you of the word that was actually being asked for. This should happen automatically without the need to add alternatives.

    I can see that for this item there may be very similar frequency of the two words. But that is quite a rare case. In general one word will be more common than the other - perhaps varying by region. So I am a bit wary of making a convention to put different Welsh words together on the same item - it sets us up for having to decide a point at which the words have different enough frequency to warrant separate items. That seems like an impossible discussion to arbitrate, so I would prefer to avoid it by always having separate entries for separate words.

    Does that make sense?



    Posted by BenWhately Staff   6/9/12 (4 years ago)
  • so things recognised as duplicates will automatically accept the others in the typing test?

    So definitions should be spelt/ spaced out the same?

    Posted by Cole. 6/9/12 (4 years ago)

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