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Has anyone been able to add sample translations yet? (To the left of the 'save' button on the 'add a mem' pop-up box.) If I try it, I'm told that my mandarin sentence must include the exact word in square brackets...even when this is actually the case with the sentence I'm trying to submit.

Posted by Azimuth 6/5/12 , last update 6/13/12 (4 years ago)
  • There is a bug with this in Mandarin - if you put the Mandarin word in the English sentence then it works... but then it will need to be edited and fixed once the bug is fixed. So I'm afraid that that is not functional at the moment. We will get it fixed soon though. Sorry for the annoyance,

    Best wishes


    Posted by BenWhately Staff   6/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • Thanks for this info. I wondered what I was doing wrong when I attempted translation too!

    Posted by dmheikin 6/13/12 (4 years ago)

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