Cannot 'Patrol' / 'Moderate'

I see that there is a new tab for some of my courses (where I am a curator): Patrol.

I attempted to patrol the Dutch courses ( ) but encounter a problem that prevents me from doing so.

1) Click 'Patrol' tab on Dutch course. 2) Click 'Moderate' button underneath the listing of words for moderation. 3) Error: get taken to an 'Oops' page with no detailed error information.

Possibly important information: -- On the error page, it looks as if I am not logged in: I see the 'Log In' option in the top right. -- I am logged in, however: all links from the error page work as expected and I'm still logged in system-wide.

(I don't know if that's normal error page behviour, or is actually relevant for this particular bug.)

Posted by fakelvis 5/21/12 (4 years ago)