Topics by individual words rather than lists?

Is this possible? If I want my list to include some words translated into English but other words with Spanish definitions is it possible to change which category the individual words go into rather than having them all go into "Spanish" the spanish-english wiki automatically?

Posted by RabbitWho 5/6/12 , last update 5/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'm afraid that this isn't possible at the moment - all words that are in lists in the Spanish topic need to have definitions in English. The Spanish definition could be put in as a "mem" if that would help? In future it would be great to be able to select which language you want the definition in, but I'm afraid that that isn't going to happen very soon. Best wishes


    Posted by BenWhately Staff   5/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • The problem is the only time you see a mem is when you get the word wrong. Constantly translating words into or from English isn't going to allow me to read or speak at any great speed, not to mention the fact that most words don't have exact translations.

    Oh well! Flashcards are flashcards.

    Thanks anyway!

    Posted by RabbitWho 5/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • Yes, I agree that once you reach a certain level at a language it would be best not to translate. We will at some point implement this, but I'm afraid that it will take a little while to get done because it is a complex issue on many levels.

    However the sentence testing that we will be implementing soon will, I hope, help you to improve at reading in the target language. Then we will try to get the richer definitions implemented as soon as we can.



    Posted by BenWhately Staff   5/7/12 (4 years ago)

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