Constructed languages

Lots of people on Memrise like to make their own languages. It would be really useful if these were all grouped in one place...

Posted by coto524 4/26/12 , last update 5/22/12 (4 years ago)
  • Agreed.

    Posted by DarkFlemy 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hello

    Posted by HenryJ-E 5/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • Thank you for this - what do you mean by "making their own languages"? DO you meant hat they want to create duplicates of topcis that already exist? ie that they want to start their own, "French topic, for example? or do you mean that they want to start new languages that don't yet exist?



    Posted by BenWhately Staff   5/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • I think what he means is that people like myself (and maybe himself too) really create language. You know, vocab, grammar, stuff. And having a seperate topic for Constructed languages could be helpful if you are searching thru topics and half of them aren't really languages.

    Posted by DarkFlemy 5/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • This would be great. I have a number of constructed languages I have been working on. Perhaps creating guidelines of what to include in basic Memrise topics could really help a person along with creating vast amounts of grammar that otherwise may be very difficult - for example, a template of what to include in a food and drink topic, or common verbs, etc. Of course if your conlang (constructed language) is a very exotic one i.e. not of this world, you would not need to follow these templates. This is just a thought.

    Posted by Atomic440 5/21/12 (4 years ago)
  • Good thought.

    Posted by DarkFlemy 5/21/12 (4 years ago)
  • I have added a category for "constructed language, which I can no put topics into if you tell me which topics you want there. The best thing to do for instructions for setting up new languages would be to write a text document that I can then put in the FAQ for the "constructed languages" topics.

    How does that sound?



    Posted by BenWhately Staff   5/22/12 (4 years ago)