Let's talk about mobile!

Mathias Dahlstrom(http://flabbergasted.me/) has just joined the team full time as our new head of mobile. This is a massive boon: not only is he regarded as one of the best iOS developers in London, but he also has a MA in interaction design. That combination makes him the perfect man to glorify the mobile Memrise experience.

He is also going to be watching this forum closely, so please do let him know if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions and he will get back to you ASAP.

Posted by BenWhately Staff   4/25/12 , last update 2/13/13 (3 years ago)
  • Hi Everyone! As Ben said we are busy working on the next version of the iPhone application and planning the 2-3 phases. I would like to have an open discourse around what you would like to see and have us us improve. We have been going through all the feedback you have sent so far, which have been great and I wanted to thank you all for the feedback you give. I wanted to highlight a few things from the list which I have seen frequently mentioned in the feedback that we are going to be tackling in the next 2 versions, besides a lot of other things.

    • Give you more control over how you learn, when you plant, when you water etc.
    • Give you feedback about each learning session, which words you got right, which you got wrong. As you are used to on memrise.com
    • Test types optimised for mobile use, we want to keep the difficulty of the current tests but provide better mobile interactions then the popup keyboard allows.
    • Better and more customisable offline capability

    I would like to recruit a handful of Memrisers to help with beta testing new versions of the app - please do let me know if you would be interested because it would be a massive help.


    Posted by mathias.dahlstrom 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Are there any plans for an Android app?

    Posted by bradrapstars 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi - I'd be very happy to beta test.

    Cheers Ian

    Posted by ianmerry 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Congrats on the new role, should be really high impact for memrise. Am happy to beta test iOS.

    Posted by snowcreature99 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Welcome Mathias. Might there be a Blackberry app sometime? Would be happy to beta test that!

    Posted by Jespa 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Yep definitely need a blackberry app!

    Posted by Cookewitch 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi Everyone! Android is definitely one of our next platforms, I cant give you and exact timeline but Im hoping to give you an in depth update in the next weeks. We are a small but growing team that tackles all platforms currently.

    Blackberry is a more uncertain from a native app point of view, but depending on the feedback and requests we will of course reevaluate it. Its definitely featuring in our test matrix, that we are developing for the mobile web experience. What kind of BB devices are you using and would like to see an app on?

    I will be in touch with everyone that expressed an interest in testing the iOS application via email in the coming week.

    Posted by mathias.dahlstrom 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Cool, glad to hear about both the Android and mobile web options. I'm sure the non-iOS-users amongst us will be happy to wait a bit longer, and I'll be happy to help with either beta.

    Posted by bradrapstars 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd be interested in an iPhone beta, for sure - I'm excited to see it in action!

    Posted by TL-TheUltimate 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd love to be in the iPhone beta.

    Posted by estoy_aca 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi! Nice to know that more attention will be spent on the mobile side of Memrise. I'm hoping that the app will be extended to Androids, and that the app itself will become more functional. An ipad app would also be nice. I'd like for the Memrise app to be as good, if not better, as the actual website. I wish you and others the best of luck.

    Posted by Kazukiawesome 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Blackberry app please.

    Posted by TheCultureVulture 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'm also happy to test the beta version. Would be good to get an app that works and can sync correctly.

    Posted by ell 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would love to beta test the iphone app. I am currently using memrise to study for the French SAT subject test and it would be great if I could study on the bus ride to and from school.

    Posted by bugbyte 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • What about the iPad? Seems like memrise would be awesome on the iPad. I wanted to use the iPhone app, but it works only on iOS 5. It would be really great for us jailbreakers if you made it compatible with iOS 4.3 (as there is no jailbreak for iOS 5 yet, at least not for the iPad 2). I would be happy to test any beta versions for iPhone or iPad. Thank you!

    Posted by satya 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Excited to see a Memrise iPhone app. I'd be happy to beta test.

    Posted by ikeepcruisin 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hello Mathias, sounds like you have an interesting challenge ahead! Will be good to see what functionality emerges in the new versions of the app, for example as a regular tube and plane traveller the chance of offline learning would be great.

    Like other keen Memrise users, happy to help with any beta testing.

    Posted by Getdown 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome and all suggestions and feedback :)

    Our core effort is going to be focused on learning and different types of test that fits with mobile phones, tablets, laptops. We have started the journey by working on devices with a small form factor, next up are the tablet sized devices in the not to distant future. My goal is to bring learning to you rather then to a technical platform.

    Is anyone of you using the current website on Android and iOS tablet frequently? Would be interested in hearing your worst and best features.

    At the moment I'm afraid I cant make any promises on iOS 4.3 support.

    Posted by mathias.dahlstrom 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • I use the site on an iPad 1 frequently but the site is fairly slow (compared to on a desktop at least) and I find that it crashes fairly often.

    Posted by ianmerry 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • I use the site on ipad2 and site seems low and not sure if it has accepted my selection sometimes on multi choice questions as hangs thinking about it. On the practice typing a word screen the ipad keyboard display pushes the screen up hiding the word. Which means I have to scroll down all the time to see it and it is a little annoying. When the word is played to hear the pronunciation it is always when the next word appears on the screen which I don't think helps.

    Posted by ell 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi! I'd love to beta-test Memrise in my iPhone!

    Posted by nmontoro 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • I've used the website on an iPad 2 several times. Ell's points are valid, but my biggest issue is that I can't type fast on the on-screen keyboard, and the keyboard disappears when I make a multiple choice selection. This slows down my test sessions considerably and makes them frustrating. (To tell the truth, even if you did make a tablet app, I'd be unlikely to use it - I'd use the phone app when I'm on the move, and try to find a computer with a real keyboard when I'm in one place.)

    What I'd personally like to see in an iPhone app is identical functionality/tests as on the website, but with a better interface so it's less fiddly to use than going to memrise.com in iOS safari. (For instance, auto-focus the text box for typing texts, and have the keyboard automatically appear for typing tests and disappear for multiple choice tests.) The problematic interface is the only reason I don't typically use memrise on my phone. (Though offline testing would be nice as well!)

    Posted by TL-TheUltimate 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • I might be in the minority based on everyone else's comments, but I think that the site works much better on the ipad 2 than it does on any of the browsers I've tried it on with a desktop. The difference may be that I'm studying Japanese and the ipad's Japanese keyboard is really quite great, while even with an IME on a desktop you're still typing the Roman characters that correspond to the Japanese. (the freezes that people have mentioned do pop up. I chalk it up to the site being in Beta)

    I've tried the iphone app and find it useless because if you don't have a connection when you end a watering session, it gives an error. I travel back and forth on the subway, which means that the one time of day I don't have an internet connection is the one time of day I'd really like to be able to drill vocabulary. If I have a connection to the internet, I just use the website, which I find works fairly well on the iphone but could use some optimizations (it's a bit too small, and the layout means I need to scroll).

    Sign me up for the iphone beta if you need people. I'm definitely willing to try new things!

    Posted by LauraM 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • Memrise runs fine on my iPhone. There's a couple minor things which TL-theUltimate listed but they don't bother me that much. So, I'm not interested in an app with watered down features when the full website is equally accessible.

    The one thing that I'm begging you to fix is the mute button. It does not work on the iPhone at all! Every time that a sound plays it shuts my music off which is really annoying.

    Posted by Robodl95 4/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would like to help you test the android version when it is in development.

    Posted by Jem 4/27/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd definitely be interested in the Android app. Been waiting forever for something like it.

    Posted by phacebook 4/27/12 (4 years ago)
  • I've been using memrise almost exclusively on iPad since first visiting the site in December. (iPad 1).

    Would really welcome a good app for IPhone and iPad

    What would make a good app is the ability to use memrise constructively when you have no connection or very resricted connection. Ok, no connection means you can't download new sets - so let's go over existing wordsets already downloaded. Including new words you haven't yet learned.

    Any version of a mobile app for memrise that is dependent on a good connection will be a waste of resource. If there's a good connection, we'll just use the website.

    Good synchronisation between the mobile app and the main site is the holy grail here. You really need to get that working seamlessly to get us hooked on using memrise in both modes. Don't make any compromises with that ultimate goal.

    BUT - in the meantime, the mobile app could be used for all kinds of offline sessions - learning as well as drill, and we would accept lack of synch as a temporary limitation.

    Think of it as like an iPod - you download a playlist to the mobile device, and then you can go off and play with that as much as you like, and then when you can get a connection you can download some new playlists, etc.

    Of couse it will be wonderful when we can properly synch the mobile experience with the online system, but that's going to take you a while, so in the meantime please develop the app so it helps us get on with learning using memrise while we're offline for minutes or hours or weeks.

    It will be ironic if, the next time I go to Spain, I have to revert to a phrase book and CD because the lack of a useful connection there means memrise will be unusable!

    Posted by revans 4/27/12 (4 years ago)
  • Yeah, I think it is absolutely imperative for the app to be able to work offline and then sync up with the website. If it has to be connected at all times, it would be essentially useless to me, because I'd just use the website on my PC.

    Posted by bradrapstars 4/27/12 (4 years ago)
  • The ultimate goal should be first-class seamless synching. But I bet that will take a while. And even when it arrives there will still be plenty of situations, especially for serious travellers, when a memrise user is away from a good connection for days at a time.

    So, yes please, start working on the comprehensive smooth synching process, but in the meantime, develop the app so it can be used for days at a time without re-connecting. So you can download some chosen lists, and then plant, harvest and water offline.

    OK, when you get back online, you'd have to "

    Posted by revans 4/27/12 (4 years ago)
  • (Sorry, big finger trouble - I'll start that last thought again)

    OK, until the super-synch facility was available, when you returned from days offline, you'd have to re-learn and re-water the same words again, but that would be a minor nuisance compared to the benefit of having a useful chunk of memrise with you at all times. And the problem of having a way of marking words as known is there anyway, somthing that memrise will have to accommodate in some way.

    So my plea is for memrise to set two goals - a longterm one for a really good synching process, and a short-term one to make the app useful when you have no connection for days or longer.

    Posted by revans 4/27/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd like to beta test the newest app. I've been using the original Memrise app and it just doesn't work well - yet. Im hoping for some updates to improve the synchronization and usability of the current version.

    I was surprised when I went on a long flight and could not repeatedly review my word lists since I did not have a network connection. The app never stays synched with the website wilting/sprouting lists either.

    Posted by ceeeeej 4/28/12 (4 years ago)
  • While I have the memrise app for the iPad, I always go to the website when using the iPad and think that the website works just fine. There are a few cases where some tweeks to the style sheet would improve the mobile experience (like larger making sure that click areas are large enough) it is mostly acceptable. Given that HTML5 lets you store data offline (which would otherwise be the major argument of an app in this case), I think that it should at least be considered to put more time into making the website more mobile comparable rather than putting all the development time into individual mobile platform development.

    Posted by ganderson 4/29/12 (4 years ago)
  • +1 ganderson on the iPad experience, no need to optimize iOS app for iPad at this point. Website on iPad is maybe 80% as good on a computer, am noting down my impressions of a few things that could be improved and will post those up once I have a critical mass of things to say.

    iPhone is bit trickier due to limited real estate.

    Posted by snowcreature99 4/29/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd love to be a beat tester for future releases. One great (but hard to develop) addition to the app would be a test of writing characters. A simple way to start this would be a prompt to write a certain character at the top of the screen with a blank space to write below. Then when you finish writing and hit OK it either superimposes the character or shows what you wrote and the actual character side by side and you can mark yourself.

    Posted by bennyfule 4/29/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would like to be a tester

    Posted by The_Geek 4/29/12 (4 years ago)
  • same here. Will be gratefull for betatest possibility (ios)

    Posted by IllarionMakarikhin 4/29/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'm looking forward to use the Android app! It would be great if the app can also be used when not connected to the internet (e.g. when roaming).

    Posted by guaka 4/29/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would love to download and try it, but unfortunatly, I don't have iOS 5 :/. But I'm glad others can use it :)

    Posted by Anna_0909 4/30/12 (4 years ago)
  • i would like to help beta testing.

    from Jake

    Posted by Todesengel 4/30/12 (4 years ago)
  • Would love to help test the iPhone app. I haven't actually worked out how everything works - sync is not quite as intuitive as it might be.

    Posted by siahmk 4/30/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd be very happy to Beta test your iPhone/iPad app

    Posted by lisibo 5/1/12 (4 years ago)
  • As to the app as it is, I've been trying it today and find that it keeps 'crashing' and having to reload which it does painfully slowly, despite the hi speed wifi I have. I know it's an app in its infancy so I'm sure it'll be ironed out soon but that would be my current 'wish'.

    Posted by lisibo 5/1/12 (4 years ago)
  • I just tested the site on the new ipad... fairly slow. :-/

    I currently have an iphone 4 and new ipad and have myself an app in production. would love to beta test and give feedback :)

    cheers from switzerland

    Posted by dav3 5/2/12 (4 years ago)
  • I mentioned this elsewhere but this thread might be better - I have a weird sound bug with the site on my iPad. Even if I have the sound both on the site AND on my ipad completely turned off, the audio clips still play!

    It strikes me as a rather serious bug, since the website is somehow overriding the volume settings on my iPad.

    Posted by hilaryjoyce 5/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • On hillaryjoyce iPad sound, I also find the mute button does not work - but cannot reproduce the issue of overriding device volume buttons. If I mute my iPad the sound will not play no matter what.

    Posted by snowcreature99 5/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • It's honestly the strangest thing. It's an iPad 2, for what it's worth, and it's not jailbroken or anything. I'm running it in safari - maybe I'll test another browser and see if it still happens.

    Posted by hilaryjoyce 5/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • Quick note, I have started sending out the emails regarding helping us test the iOS app. You will receive an email if you expressed interest this weekend at latest.

    Encouraging to hear it works that well on the ipad, definitely a good starting point. We are aware that we need to improve the audio controls, this thread reenforces it.

    Posted by mathias.dahlstrom 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • Just tried another memonic app which could be improved a lot, Anki, which I used before I fall in love with memrise website. Definitely will help to beta test memrise on android. Thanks for your work!

    Posted by llatpic 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd like to test too, I already have the first version so I thought it would be an update on that :)

    Posted by Robodl95 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would be very happy to test any iPad app - android too though my phone is not particularly powerful.

    Posted by hilaryjoyce 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would be very happy to test an iphone app

    Posted by lawrencebell 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • If you need more testers for the iPhone app beta, include me as well please.

    Posted by revans 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would definitely like to see an android app as it seems that I can't access the site on my galaxy through the browser alone. Gets as far as the loading screen for testing but no further.

    Posted by arkore 5/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • This is not specific to the app, but rather using the website on an Android phone. I can use the site fine with my browser on my Samsung Galaxy phone, but when I reach a point where I need to press enter to continue (such as the page to correct your spelling after you made a mistake), I cannot continue. Android phones do not have an enter key! I think it would be useful to add a next page button I can click, as the other pages have.

    Posted by kylesuo 5/8/12 (4 years ago)
  • I love the iphone app and would be happy to test the beta version. My only niggles so far with the first version are: 1. can't turn audio off - really annoys my hubbie 2. app can't connect sometimes - need to log out and back in again to make it work. I'm really looking forward to the ipad version.

    Posted by gwiwer 5/8/12 (4 years ago)
  • "Is anyone of you using the current website on Android and iOS tablet frequently? Would be interested in hearing your worst and best features."

    I've been using it on my Android tablet (7") in portrait mode. and the one complaint I have is that when switching to a test type that requires keyboard input the zoom on the page zooms massively to the input area. then you have to zoom it back out to push the "next" button.

    A fixed zoom would be good

    Posted by thedannywahl 5/12/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would be very excited to test on Android platform!

    Posted by EvilTheCat 5/12/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd happily beta test the Android app when it's ready, if you need any more!

    Posted by LauraLP 5/13/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would be very happy to beta test iOS

    Posted by Fishman3910 5/17/12 (4 years ago)
  • I can beta test iPhone4, am soho iOS developer. We would use an iPad app on our 1 and 2. Excited about the potential!!!!

    Posted by _deleted_130411_2047_10 5/19/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would be happy to beta test the Android version of memrise and give regular feedback/bug report.

    Since I have a lot of commute, I agree with all the others who say that offline mode is a must have for mobile, not a nice to have ("nice to have" is an online mobile app when there's already a html5 compatible version... :p). We should be able to buffer a few hundred questions (50 is way too few), answer them offline, and upload the answers.

    Posted by LairK 5/19/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd love some kind of offline mode on my windows notebook/laptop. I have a long commute, and I'd love to use it to study on memrise.

    Posted by Winner 5/23/12 (4 years ago)
  • Great! I'm an interaction designer and keen memriser so I'll be happy to test!

    Posted by mackost 5/23/12 (4 years ago)
  • Do you think an API would be released? I think progress would speed up considerably if the API were to be released for developers.

    Posted by dragos240 5/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • I use iPhone App about 2 weeks, may be more, it`s great and worked properly. But 3 dayes ago it had a problem, seemed the same but lost all my datas about plants, shows zero in all of my courses although it was safe on memrise.com . Then it crushed. I reinstalled it but it is the same - zero data in all of my courses.

    During that 3 dayes it was changes in design inside courses, but not useful. More datas runs out fron iPhone screen, it needs to scroll and lost time, irrelevant information such as header of courses occupied valuable place on the top and moves nesessery datas down. Please check it, the App is eally useful and I felt a little bit stange feelings seeing my gardent totally empty. Hopes you`ll check it soon!

    Posted by Annamain 5/28/12 (4 years ago)
  • We are looking into what happend, hope to have fixed in the app store very soon.

    in regards to an API question above, I would check out our forum at http://www.memrise.com/forum/developers/ were you find details about it.

    Posted by mathias.dahlstrom 5/28/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi Mathias,

    I'm excited to hear you have joined the team, as I have been anxiously awaiting a useable mobil app. I would be delighted to be a beta tester for anything you are working on. I've been trying to use the current app but have been very frustrated by it.

    Posted by SeaShadow 5/30/12 (4 years ago)
  • put me down as a tester

    I have a jailbroken ipad/iphone and would be happy to give bug reports/feedback

    Posted by studygoodly 5/31/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would welcome being a beta tester for the Android platform!

    Posted by willo 6/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • When I use the website on a MacBook Air (which is most of the time), for some reason the sound doesn't work, but it works on the iPhone and iPad and a PC laptop - although the sound is quite slow coming, and if I'm working fast it gets skipped altogether. I find the website works better than the Apps for the iPhone and iPad so I don't bother with them.

    Posted by Catt 6/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I wanna Beta Test ;)

    Posted by nessiesaurus 6/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I wanna Beta Test ;)

    Posted by nessiesaurus 6/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • Mathias

    I've had the memrise iPhone app for almost as long as it's been available.

    I've yet to see an update in iTunes. Am I missing something?

    Posted by revans 6/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'm with revans. I got the iPhone app as soon as it was available. About 2 months ago, Memrise tweeted that an update was about 10 days away... Even something slightly better (read: at all usable) would be great! My Memrise app won't even connect to the site to download my word list any more :-(

    Posted by SeaShadow 6/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • Right now the biggest disadvantage Memrise has for me is that I can't catch up with my wilteds at least via an Android app. Web is too awkward and slow for me to do with Android web browsers and with China Mobile's 2G or whatever I'm getting here.

    Posted by ThatHorse 6/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • +1 for an Android app with off-line mode. (I find that the mobile site works reasonably well with Chrome, but an off-line version would be a great boon.)

    Posted by Popup 6/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • @SeaShadow:

    Mathias has announced v1.1 in a separate thread (about 3 hrs ago).

    Try checking your iPhone for an update. But Mathias' post and my first try-out suggest it's not a huge leap forward.

    Posted by revans 6/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • @revans Thanks for the heads up! I downloaded and am testing it out!

    Posted by SeaShadow 6/6/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hey,

    do you have any further information concerning Memrise for Android. I would like to participate in the test :)


    Posted by ChristianThees 6/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hi Mathias, I was trying to use the new iPhone application. Great view, everything clear (number of plants etc) but it doesnt work. As I download the course it do it slowly (more slowly then previous version), shows the cours downloaded but it will be the white screen only. No work. Whats it?..

    Posted by Annamain 6/12/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would like to be a beta tester for iPhone 4s. I'm currently using it to study Japanese.

    Posted by jakkii 6/13/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would like to be a beta tester for android motorola photon.

    Posted by ASchub 6/17/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would love to participate in any beta testing for the android app. Currently running 2.3.5 on an HTC Desire HD.

    Posted by TL-Hatsu 6/21/12 (4 years ago)
  • I would love to test an Android app too!

    Posted by _deleted_140722_1254_44 6/21/12 (4 years ago)
  • You can add me to the beta tester list for Android!

    Posted by wendolpho 6/22/12 (4 years ago)
  • To iPhone app: it was really frozen in the way to download particular acting (the same with wateing, seeding o growing processes). I wasn`t able to work, the white screen was more then 10 min and then the app crushed.

    Also I strongly support carl_a about the possibility of previous app version to download everything in one click and then to use the app in a subway or another place of poor internet connection.

    Mathias, previous app had several advantages, would you please to save it for the best work? The simple work sometimes is the best instead of beautiful view, so looking forward to your help.

    Posted by Annamain 6/22/12 (4 years ago)
  • I've been dreaming about an Android app since I first joined Memrise. I would certainly appreciate an email or some kind of notification when it is released. Thanks you kindly.

    Posted by Crunch 6/23/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'd like to second Crunch's post - desperate for an Andorid app!

    Posted by moreolives 6/23/12 (4 years ago)
  • I'll join the Android app testing group as well! I got a smartphone about a month ago and have been longing for one since. I tried using the website, but it's just a mess on such a small screen. I constantly have to zoom in to see the word, then click the blank, type the word, and the whole process is so tedious that I just wait until I can get back to my laptop. Really excited to know the app. is in the future though.

    Posted by JaeYoung122 6/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • If an Android application is released, I'll be the happiest man this side of the world! Waiting eagerly.. would happily pay for it!

    Posted by Ptkthy 6/26/12 (4 years ago)
  • Add me to the list of volunteers for Android beta testers. Al we need is a volunteer developer :)

    Posted by zaphod_es 6/27/12 (3 years ago)
  • I just got a really cheap android 2.3 phone (LG 690) and was surprised to find the site works OK with the android browser. A bit of screen scrolling required for each test, but I was able to answer almost everything I knew correctly in the time. I've since found the default zoom settings, need to try again with far zoom to see if its even better.

    Posted by mikedufty 6/28/12 (3 years ago)
  • can we have an update on the progress please memrise?

    Posted by woden 7/20/12 (3 years ago)
  • I'd like to beta test the iphone app.

    I run into issues when I'm downloading and I get disconnected from the internet. Or I download the words to harvest/ grow do the series and then try to connect back to the internet. Sometimes I get a loop when I keep downloading the same words again and again


    I notice the app doesn't differentiate between when you need to water all your plants versus when you can just practice. The website will say for example I need to water 40 plants , then if i I want I can practice the rest from a course, but the app doesn't show that. I'd really only like to water the ones that need it

    Posted by ionisme 7/27/12 (3 years ago)
  • yeha I would be happy to beta test. Massive fan of this site, 200+ words in 5 days? yeaah!

    Posted by memMaster2012 7/30/12 (3 years ago)
  • Also slightly contraversial opinion, and of course your free to discard my advice, but I would recommend holding off on the android app for another month or so and focusing on iOS development. Get the mobile platform rock solid and out of beta before cutting across.

    Posted by memMaster2012 7/30/12 (3 years ago)
  • can't wait for android app : )

    Posted by Adam.M 8/2/12 (3 years ago)
  • Love the new vi.3 app out now. Had a few niggles logging in at first but worked fine after a few minutes. Only one comment really and that is that not liking having to scroll down to the continue button when having fluffed a word on a watering session. Would be easier if everything were visible without scrolling.

    Posted by gwiwer 8/6/12 (3 years ago)
  • I am unable to login using the iPhone app ;-(

    Posted by Cornel 8/7/12 (3 years ago)
  • The iPhone app doesn't work at all for me, ditto the iPad. I can login but it won't start up.

    Posted by Catt 8/7/12 (3 years ago)
  • Any updates on the Android version?

    Also, sign me up to be a beta tester for the Android version when it comes out. I can't wait to try it out!

    Posted by pyrachi 8/16/12 (3 years ago)
  • As soon as you begin writing an Android app, and /especially/ when you reach beta testing phase, /please/ do not hesitate to contact me, as I would be more than happy to test it.

    I am /extremely/ desirous of such an app.

    Posted by eyeonus 8/31/12 (3 years ago)
  • happy to beta test

    Posted by kiillrz 9/3/12 (3 years ago)
  • I want to test the beta app for android please.

    Posted by hollyAnn 9/17/12 (3 years ago)
  • I've been using the site on a nexus 7 tablet, seems to work pretty well in the chrome browser, occasionally crashes partway through a test, but you can reload and continue. Google's pinyin keyboard (set to english) works well as it gives you the numbers on the main keyboard.

    Posted by mikedufty 9/18/12 (3 years ago)
  • iPhone app sometimes asks you to give the answer to the word "None". Pictures don't fit on the screen, too big. When will there be an Android app or a mobile site?

    Posted by Gitta 9/18/12 (3 years ago)
  • Android user happy to beta test. :)

    Posted by JamesHealey94 9/22/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would be hapy to beta test the Android app as well

    Posted by ontheloop 10/21/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • I would also help test the Android app

    Posted by meggieliz8 11/12/12 (3 years ago)
  • android user ready to beta test

    Posted by z3br45 12/28/12 (3 years ago)
  • Didn't they say it would be out before Christmas? I bet it is going to be awesome when it finally does appear on the app store. If you still need an iOS beta tester I would be happy to help.

    Posted by Belviaki 1/3/13 (3 years ago)
  • The site will not even load on my iPhone, so I can only use the site when I have access to a computer.

    Posted by Belviaki 1/3/13 (3 years ago)
  • Android user, reporting in. Let's get a beta pushed out. :)

    Posted by glj12 1/7/13 (3 years ago)
  • The app needs to have offline functionality, especially for commuters

    Posted by goobenation 1/7/13 (3 years ago)
  • @goobenation 100% agree

    Posted by mackost 1/7/13 (3 years ago)
  • @goobenation Most definitely. That would be a great aspect of the app.

    Posted by Belviaki 1/7/13 (3 years ago)
  • I think the app would be kind of pointless if it didn't work offline. If you are online the website works fine now, at least on android/chrome.

    Posted by mikedufty 1/8/13 (3 years ago)
  • Most of these comments are months old and include tester feedback on a beta client, which I am not part of. That disclosure out of the way, the one thing which has annoyed me with all language learning software and apps (something which also plagues flashcard apps) is support for multiple fonts.

    When learning a non-latin character based language, say something using Cyrillic as in any Slavic language, then some characters look radically different in one font versus another. For a prime example look at the lower case character т in Cyrillic. Memrise currently shows this character as similar to ш due to the choice of a script font. This does a disservice to beginners. See the attached screenshot for an example of the font/character confusion. Yes, that word is technically typed and spelled the same in memrise and google translate although the font (script) displays differently.

    Posted by jared.mckittrick.5 1/11/13 (3 years ago)
  • I'd like to beta test the android app if there is the possibility. using the app on mobile would be so different as you can use it anywhere and would help a lot to focus on your learning routine.

    Posted by betizad 1/14/13 (3 years ago)
  • Why is there still no Android app?! I would happy to go in for beta.

    Posted by MMBP 1/21/13 (3 years ago)
  • Bump on the need for an offline version, as well as the need to create apps across platforms (I have an iPad and an Android phone... curse phone company contracts!!)

    Posted by whistler11 1/31/13 (3 years ago)
  • android app asap please!

    Posted by matix 2/2/13 (3 years ago)
  • Hei Memrise staff, i am getting in love day by day more with your fantastic site.

    I am using a BB bold 9900 and i'd like really to see an app for it :)

    Posted by robidat 2/5/13 (3 years ago)
  • I would like to beta test the Iphone app please

    Posted by cgreely 2/13/13 (3 years ago)