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I'm on the verge of uploading a large spreadsheet (about 1200 words), but I have a few questions about conventions that I'd like answered first.

1) When a word translates to something that is lexically ambiguous in English, can I clarify the meaning with brackets? E.g. "la pique -> pike (weapon)" to show it isn't a fish.

2) When a verb can only be used with particular nouns, can I indicate that via brackets? E.g. "se chiffonner -> to crumple (paper)" to show that paper can se chiffonner, but a person cannot.

3) When a verb has to be used with nouns in a particular way, can I indicate that in the entry? For example, I notice the word "doter" already has an entry and is translated as "endow" with an alternative meaning "allocate". Could I create an entry "doter qqn de qch -> to allocate sth to sb"?

I'm guessing 1 & 2 don't matter too much as it's the English side I'm adding to. Wrt 3, the database becomes messier, but I think it's essential for learners to memorise the verb with its preposition and manner of usage.

Posted by Japenjolly 4/15/12 , last update 4/16/12 (4 years ago)
  • for number 3, I think that our planned method for dealing with this kind of contextual use of words is to test using sample sentences which use the words in context. The tool that we are building for this will require the word to be in its simplest form in order to work properly. So I would be a little bit hesitant about adding words in this format. Could we see what other people think about making this change to the conventions first? - everyone else, please let us know what you think!

    For 1 + 2, again this may require a tweak to the conventions, but it does look like a very good one to me. So if others agree, lets get that changed.



    Posted by BenWhately Staff   4/16/12 (4 years ago)
  • The tests seem like a great idea - keeping the database simple while making sure people learn how to use verbs properly! I'll leave off all the propositions with verbs but go ahead with 1 & 2 then.

    Thanks for the help, Ben!


    Posted by Japenjolly 4/16/12 (4 years ago)

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