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I simplified the kanji for this one to simply お母さん and added a mem to explain the difference between younger/older.

Posted by jlptbootcamp 4/12/12 , last update 8/14/12 (3 years ago)
  • But "お母さん" means "Mother", is not it? I know the word "Okaasan", so I doubted it and I went to read the comments. In my opinion, it is better to put the Kanji. What do you think?

    Posted by JonathanArcher 4/19/12 (4 years ago)
  • Oops, yes, it should be 小母さん I think for a just a regular aunt, but it is usually written in kana. I don't think I've ever seen it written in kanji, have you?

    Posted by jlptbootcamp 4/19/12 (4 years ago)
  • Honestly I'm just a self-taught and a novice, so I do not have much experience. I do not knew the word おばさん, but I knew the word おかあさん and this has confused me. It seemed appropriate to make this observation to pure ignorant that I am. XD

    Posted by JonathanArcher 4/21/12 (4 years ago)
  • I think this might be another one of those situations where the kanji represents both words. But each word is unique. I haven't ever seen 小母さん. I dunno...

    Posted by phoenixphreak 4/25/12 (4 years ago)
  • Changed the definition as 小母さん is the regular lady you'd meet in the streets, not a member of your family. Usually written hiragana anyways. Your aunt would be 叔母さんor 伯母さん but there is already a separate entry for that.

    Posted by Giton 8/14/12 (3 years ago)

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