Hello from Canada

Hi All, and hello from Canada. I thought I would introduce myself rather than be a forum lurker. Perhaps like many others here, I was enchanted by the idea of developing a better memory. Mine is a sad thing indeed, and it is my earnest wish to see it improved. I also hope to be able to sink my claws into the french language, as I am currently an anglophone in a francophone area, and having difficulty. Traditional "brute force" attempts have always failed me, and I have never been good at retaining the language. I have dipped my toes, ever so slightly, into the loci method, and am encouraged. Anyways, just really wanted to say hi. I'll think of something 'memorable' to say next time. Promise.

Posted by Lorka 4/3/12 , last update 4/6/12 (4 years ago)
  • Bienvenue Lorka! I haven't managed to combine the loci method with language learning - how are you using it?

    Posted by Azimuth 4/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • How am I using it? Well, tentatively at best, to be honest. I am very new to memory training, though I have known about if for several years. I always figured it was for people "smarter" than myself. It's not that I'm dumb, though lord knows I often feel it. I have a masters from McGill in Information Studies, focusing on library and archival aspects, so you'd think I'd be better organized in my own mind. Yeah right. I know I have lots of useful information floating around in that gray lump, but accessing it is, and has always been, the main problem.

    Then, a few weeks ago, my very good friend had me do a simple journey method memory experiment and to my bewilderment the information stuck.

    Encouraged by this, I started doing this Ron White, memory in 30 days program. Can't say much about it yet, as I am only 8 days in. But it seems to be working.

    I suppose I never considered that there are other ways to develop the memory other than brute force rote repetition. The kinds of techniques I am now learning about later in life (at the grim age of 36)are very encouraging indeed. I do wonder if it is a bit late for me to start, but I'm certainly going to give it a go.

    So, in short, I am probably the least qualified person here to be discussing anything memory technique oriented. As far as language goes, I am just running through the program here and seeing if it will help.

    Sorry for the long egocentric ramble there Azimuth. I'm sure others here can probably answer ways to combine the loci method with language learning. I will certainly keep it as a question to be answered and if I discover anything I'll certainly pass it along.


    Posted by Lorka 4/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • Interesting, thanks Lorka. Hope memrise works for you.

    Posted by Azimuth 4/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • Hello from North Carolina, Lorka. I have played with memrise since last summer, took a few months off from it (life gets in the way) and started playing again, and I'm surprised by how much I remember. I think the combination of techniques ie hearing, seeing, recall etc help a lot to learn the info. Good Luck in learning French.

    Posted by lillybow 4/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • Thanks Lily, and nice to meet you. The active metaphor of the garden seems "memorable". I find myself addicted to watering those seedlings. Oh well, that is a good sort of addiction I think. Good luck cultivating that memory garden.

    I have an added incentive to learn french. When I go into a store in Gatineau (which is right next to Canada's capital, of Ottawa), the poor francophones there often get this terrified look when I speak English. It is a weird thing. I guess something like speaking English in parts of Miami.

    I hope your language learning resumes well.

    Posted by Lorka 4/5/12 (4 years ago)
  • LOL, sounds like the French speakers have as much trouble with English as you have with French. It's good you can practice speaking, and it'll be nice when they start to understand your French.

    Posted by lillybow 4/6/12 (4 years ago)