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Posted by greg 4/3/12 , last update 5/17/12 (4 years ago)
  • At the moment I'm simply polling /home/gardens

    Take a look at:


    Our API efforts are still very early, so I can't promise that things won't change or break, but since we're using this as the API for the iPhone app, it should be reasonably stable. Certainly let us know if you notice any problems, and we'll try and fix them quickly.

    As for the polling frequency, it's now refreshing every 5 minutes but also when a content script running on every Memrise tab detects /cave/waypoint page loading

    That sounds like a very good way to do it. Currently, we haven't implemented much by way of throttling or caching for the API, but polling every 5 mins sounds very manageable to me.


    Posted by greg 4/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • P.S. I've found this Chrome extension for pretty-printing JSON invaluable:


    Posted by greg 4/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • Should I be seeing number of wilting (or harvestable) plants in the payload?

    Posted by raneksi 4/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • Ah, good point - no, we don't have a JSON representation of the healthy/wilting counts across wordlists yet. This has been on our roadmap for a while, but it's harder to do in an efficient way than you'd think, so we're going to have to do some careful denormalization first.

    In the meantime, maybe it's simplest to keep things as you're doing them - if we end up rejigging the markup on the dashboard, we'll try and release a JSON representation at the same time, so that you don't have to rewrite your code multiple times.

    Posted by greg 4/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • Because a single plant can be part of more than one wordlist, one small issue I'm having is that there's no way to count unique wilting plants by topic.

    It's a problem because in the number badge I show total number of plants wilting for that topic.

    Posted by raneksi 4/3/12 (4 years ago)
  • Maybe I missed it. Is this extension available yet? I'm really excited about using it.


    Posted by phoenixphreak 4/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • I just searched the Webstore and it is there! Woohoo, thanks guys :)


    Posted by cacoethes 4/7/12 (4 years ago)
  • This is really exciting!

    @Raneksi - is there any way to scope it to a topic? It keeps trying to send me to Mandarin, but I'm focusing on my Spanish at the moment...

    Posted by greg 4/8/12 (4 years ago)
  • Also: When we improve the healthy/wilting counts infrastructure/API, we'll add something that gives you a unique count for a topic.

    Posted by greg 4/8/12 (4 years ago)
  • I know it might not be the best place to ask this, but would it be possible to combine the Language Immersion for Chrome addon with Memrise?

    That extension uses Google Translate to translate some words on the websites you're visiting to the target language. I'd much rather have it use my Memrise vocabulary for that, especially for the Chinese characters I'm just starting to learn.

    Posted by marinc 5/4/12 (4 years ago)
  • @Raneksi: i love the fact that i can now whitelist topics. great addition!

    Posted by greg 5/17/12 (4 years ago)