I cannot see my comment on course

I have found some translation problems and spelling mistakes from the course Vanzelfsprekend - Deel 2, cuz I can't change the mistakes, so I made a comment about it, but when I refreshed the page, it's gone, seems I cannot comment on courses?

anyway, here are the links and problems I have found:

There some translation problems and spelling mistakes I have found. firstly, about some translations: http://www.memrise.com/item/939867/echt-exactly/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 "echt" better be translated as "real, true"; http://www.memrise.com/item/939933/de-wastafel-sink/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 "de wastafel" better be translated as "the washstand, washbasin", cuz I think "sink" is "de gootsteen"(?); http://www.memrise.com/item/939920/de-badkamer-bedroom/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 "de badkamer" is "the bathroom" not bedroom; http://www.memrise.com/item/939935/het-bed-bedroom/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 "het bed" is "the bed" not bedroom; http://www.memrise.com/item/939986/de-zon-sunday/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 "de zon" is "the sun" not sunday; and then some spelling mistakes: http://www.memrise.com/item/939964/het-siezoen-seasons/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 it should be "het seizoen"; http://www.memrise.com/item/955455/vriendlijk-friendly/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 it should be "vriendelijk"; http://www.memrise.com/item/955459/geboortland-native-country/?set=vanzelfsprekend-deel-2 it should be "het geboorteland"; Still thanks for making this list!

Posted by memrise_ 3/1/12 , last update 3/14/12 (4 years ago)

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