Tell me the "wrong" word I typed

There is at least one quote that shows up at the beginning of the quiz that infuriates me. It's something about memrise quickly teaching when you're wrong so you don't remember the word wrong. I've been waiting months for memrise to do that. If I remember a word wrong and I type what I think it is, and it tells me I'm wrong, I still don't know what the word is. I still typed the wrong word and have absolutely no idea what that word means, so I'll just get it wrong over and over again until I'm finally tested on it again. (The dictionary being nearly impossible to use means I won't look it up.) In the meantime, I have probably answered it wrong multiple times and screwed up my memory of it so much that it will take me much longer to relearn the correct meaning.

When are we going to check my wrong answers against the dictionary and tell me the correct meaning of the word I typed?

Posted by banai 8/21/12 , last update 8/21/12 (3 years ago)
  • We've been asking for a while to be able to see just what we typed when we get something wrong - sometimes you get a persistent typo that gets between you and the right answer, and it would be nice to know just what you got wrong.

    If memrise implements a facility to see what you actually typed, they could say at the same time "this isn't in our dictionary" or " this is in our dictionary, but it means "xxx".

    Posted by revans 8/21/12 (3 years ago)